Tuesday, March 2, 2010

nz: part I

a warm farewell...

l.a. sunset.
that guy on the right is my travel buddy.
he stops lots for photos.
but it's totally worth it. cause i get pictures like this.

a warm meal...

ginger beer!
on the airplane!
also a warm drink with every meal... coffee, tea, cadbury hot chocolate.

a warm drink...

as soon as we set foot in nz, we set out for a flat white.
28 hours of travel.
5 airplanes.
so worth it.

a warm welcome...

when we arrived at the airport i pointed out all the 'skater boys' to j. turns out the skater boys were filming a skateboard video & as we walked out with the skater boys we were met with a very warm welcome...the haka by some local students! we know tom & jenna actually arranged this for us, thanks guys - you rock!
there was also a warm welcome in our bedroom.
candy bars & bright flowers.
what more could a girl ask for?

a warm curry...


a warm day...

we had sunshine.
it was glorious.
made me jump for joy.
or maybe that was just because i was in new zzzealand.
that guy on the right was a neighbor.

a warm beach...

beautiful, perfectly round, smooth rocks.
as far as the eye can see.
blue skies.
turquoise water.
tree pose.

a warm evening...

fishing at morgan & hayley's.
hundreds of cows.
back 'home' for some homemade mexican with the matthews.
and hokey pokey ice cream.
and tim tams.

it's 2:28am.
i should be sleepy.
but really it's only 8:28pm.
in nz.
off to pretend i'm sleepy...

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