Tuesday, March 9, 2010

nz: part II

i've been a bit slow with the updates, but it took awhile to get back into the time zone of this northern hemisphere. after many nights of sleeping a mere 5-6 hours [totally unacceptable in my book] i slept from 10pm to 10am [my kinda sleep!]... aaaand i'm back.

a tramp.
we did a little tramp [hike] in the peel forest to acland falls.
ruby came along, but don't tell [no dogs allowed apparently.]
of course we made a pit-stop for some boysenberry ice cream. yummy.

a cartwheel mate!
i had so much fun with jenna.

a sheep pasture.
sometimes you just got to park and run up the hill and take in the views. i thought i heard a cow, but it was just an old-man-sheep coughing.

a view.
it was totally worth the stop.
the amazing views are everywhere you turn in nz.
click on this picture and look at the perfectly straight line the sheeps made! all single file and orderly.

a fashion show.
i got to be jenna's personal assistant. she's a super hot model.
it was so fun to attend the fashion show and just listen to everyone talk.
just another nz day...


  1. those sheep just love to be organized. you're so cute!

  2. no pictures of the icecream? what kind of blog is this?
    i really want my own icecream maker - twisty machine included.
    jenna's hair is so rad!! i love it!

  3. I heart you Marla! Thanks for coming to visit us in NZ- so much fun