Sunday, March 28, 2010

nz: part III

WHAT an amazing day! we hired a farmer friend to fly us over to the west coast. which saved us approximately 10 hours of driving. we took off in his sheep pasture.

right away i knew this was a great idea.
seeing nz from above? yes please.

the views were absolutely breathtaking.

flying over mammoth glaciers and turquoise glacial lakes.

flying over the southern alps.

we landed at an itty bitty airport in fox glacier. after we landed arch [our pilot] told us it was a one way runway. no chance at pulling back up if you don't make your landing. glad he told us that after we landed. the glacial silt is amazingly smooth. i kinda wanted to roll around in it.

it was a beautiful day. some serious clouds rolled in, but they hung onto the mountains.

fox glacier is about 7.5 miles long and ends in a rain forest. crazy, huh?
my hair was basically outta control the entire trip. see how nice & poofy it is...

as we were walking away we heard a huge crack. i was a bit disappointed i didn't get to see the action.

we flew right by mount cook, nz's tallest mountain.

12,316 feet.

we flew over braided rivers & saw them flowing all the way to the ocean.

arch showed us his holiday home. it's on the end by the red roof.

the colors were absolutely stunning.

as if our day wasn't spectacular enough, we stopped at this amazing thrift store. unfortunately whatever i bought had to fit in my [already stuffed] suitcase. i must show you close ups of my goods. [i'll tell my photographer.]

a white picket fence. a cute little bike. boysenberry ice cream.
aahhh new zealand.


  1. ou, how big your pictures are when you click on them. nice. :)
    how many parts will there be to NZ? i hope there's more to come because i still haven't seen my favorite picture...

  2. the colors in the rivers are amazing. so brilliantly blue/green...pretty!!