Friday, May 14, 2010

some numbers...

weeks prego: 14
days to baby: 183 [i hear they're always on time, right mand??]
due date: november 16
my new bedtime [i've always been a night owl]: 10pm
times i've lost a meal: 1 [gram always says she never lost a meal. but really it was just carrots, so maybe i never lost a meal??]
weight gained: 6 lbs
number of [parmesan] goldfish eaten: 453,988 [approximately]
number of times i get up to pee at night: 2 [average]
times i've cried: many days have i been pregnant? no, i'm not that bad, right j??
cups of coffee since i learned i was prego: zeroooo! [i planned to just cut back & my stomach rejected coffee beginning the DAY AFTER i found out i was pregnant. tears. lots & lots of tears.]
photo by: the one who puts up with me and still kisses me every night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

guess what?

a little video we made for j's fam.. thought i'd share it with Y-O-U...


Birthday Hijacking!

Dear Marla,
This is your husband. I have hijacked your blog. Don't fear. It is only temporary and only long enough to tell you HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!
To receive it back in one piece, you need to continue to be amazing and bless peoples lives forever as you do everyday. I love your vigor for life, your smile, our walks, your optimism, your simplicity, and your support. Thank you for being who you are and for choosing me. There really isn't an act that would express all that you mean to me but hope that this makes you smile a bit. I love and appreciate you and know that anyone who has the pleasure of calling you a friend does the same. Have a sweet day love.