Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i thought i was getting all gussied up for a photoshoot. and i thought we were going to spend the evening with my sweet 2 day old nephew. and i thought we were stopping to pick up a camera & a salad mooms forgot.
lies. all lies.

my sweet hubs and fam had the most splendid party planned for little [old] me.

would you look at the details people?!

i felt like i stepped into a fairytale.

there were chocolate covered strawberries. vintage linens. the best rice krispie treats ever. mand's famous whoopie pies. lily of the valley. shirley temples!!! my kinda party.

craigy kept the tunes spinning. look at mooms dress! love it.

my crazy seester who stepped out of the hospital and into my party with her 2 day old babe. shouldn't we dress like this more often? everyone looked so spiffy.

cupcakes! the chocolate chip cookie dough were sinful. the menu also included cheese [of course, and lots of it], buffalo wing dip, hummus & pita, homemade chex mix, veggie pizza, chips & margs salsa, veggie egg rolls, rye boat. food heaven, basically.

family. friends. my heart was so full of love, i could have exploded.


  1. Wow looks like a great party!!!! hate I missed that one.Love the vintage look. you guys did a great job!!

  2. we're sorry we missed it too! looks awesome! props to manda who looks awesome 2 days post baby!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mar! The party looks perfect:) Love you!

  4. You Pierces sure know how to throw a party! Happy (waaay belated) birthday, Marla. What a devoted sis Manda is too;) How are you feeling?

  5. love it, love it! i want even more pics! and i really want another choco chip cookie dough cupcake!

  6. Cool pics! It really captures the true essence of the party! It was so much fun throwing it for you, Mar!
    Sooo glad you were surprised - there were a couple times I thought for sure I gave it away...ha! Love the compilation of photos from the photobooth!

  7. Ohmygoodness! Amazing party! Congrats on being with child! I love your weekly photos.