Tuesday, June 29, 2010

pregnancy musings...

what a journey pregnancy is...i am half way through this pregnancy and thought i would jot down some of my thoughts and experiences.

.. sick. we've all heard of morning sickness. i want to know where this whole 'morning' thing comes from?! from weeks 4-14 i basically had nausea from the time i got up to the time i laid down. i had to go directly downstairs for food, though i normally don't eat for an hour after i get up. i had to snack every couple hours to keep myself from feeling even sicker [it's a word, trust me.]. it's kind of weird to make yourself eat when you feel like you're going to barf, it's like the opposite of what you feel like you should be doing. really, it's just an all around uncomfortable situation. i cried to my mom and asked her if you just forget about these months of misery after you have the baby. i just couldn't imagine someone knowing about this and choosing to do it again. she assured me you do. i'm in my 2nd trimester bliss, and i've kind of almost forgotten already. kind of. oh, and all this is happening when nobody even knows your pregs yet, so you just have to pretend like you're fine and dandy even though you may barf at any given moment. my experience has me convinced women don't get enough credit. now go hug your mother.

.. whoa. sometimes i think about how there is a little PERSON in my BELLY and it kind of freaks me out. it is absolutely and totally miraculous.

.. exhaustion. ohmygoodness the exhaustion of the first trimester. i think this may have been the most shocking part to me. i didn't even know who i was any more. i just kept begging my husband to be patient and someday the old me would return [i hoped]. any time i was in the car, i was asleep. i took naps often [i never nap.] i was out by 10pm at the latest, a good 2-3 hours earlier than normal. i would lay on the couch and think about allll the work that needed to be done and for the life of me i could. not. get. up. doing the dishes and running 5 miles were equal in my mind.

.. nosebleeds. i had never even heard of this being a side effect of pregnancy. it's no fun. sometimes i get 3-4 a day. others are always very concerned when they see me running holding my face and then i have to explain that it happens all the time and i'm just fine. good times.

.. drooling. let me just say when i'm sleeping i drool like nobody's business.

.. tinkles. i now know where every public restroom is. i get up a couple times a night. i'm pretty sure my bladder holds approximately 2 tablespoons these days.

.. smellllll. ohmyword my sense of smell was out of control in my first trimester. i stopped wearing perfume. i could not be in the same room as coffee. or bacon. [my poor hubs loves both.] i cried one time when i was driving because the exhaust from the bus in front of me was making me so sick. i had to keep my distance from those in stores who were heavily scented. the earthy smell after it rained made me sick. when i would sit in the living room, somehow the smell of our basement was overwhelming to me. and so on.

.. busty. some gals get excited about the prospect of an increased bra size in pregnancy. i, for one, did not need help in this department. i got a boost anyways. after i came home from trying on bras i broke down and i'm pretty sure i was blubbering things like 'plus size' and 'grandma bras'.

.. love. my husband has been totally amazing through all of this. i don't know how anyone could do this without a supportive husband. he has taken over many of my responsibilities. he has been totally understanding [as much as you can understand a pregnant lady, anyways!] he checks on me, encourages me and goes for long walks with me. he always tells me i look amazing. i so love him.


  1. pregnancy and weddings bring on your nosebleeds. :)

    keep trucking! you look fabulous! each day is a day closer to holding your little gal/guy!

    vword: fardst

  2. You make a beautiful mommy-to-be :) Congrats