Thursday, June 10, 2010

..week 15..

baby bean...
your first hike! i think you like the adirondacks already. i was worried about sleeping in the tent because of getting up in the night to pee. somehow i made it through the entire night without having to get up! no camp coffee for me on this trip... i'm still looking forward to the day when my stomach accepts coffee once again. your dad & i always talk about how we'll bring you along our hikes/walks. i hope you like the outdoors as much as we do.


  1. so cute. :)

    love your little bump.

  2. you're not going to convince me you're pregnant!! haa...gotta love grams.
    i made mike rig up a toilet for us to put in our tent when we went camping when i was preggers.
    you could just borrow our new camping toilet..

  3. Yey!!! Baby bump. You look wonderful.