Sunday, June 27, 2010

..week 19..

sweet baby...
see that last photo? that would be my belly button, just about popped out. you have been very active this week. your auntie manda even felt you kick this week! i wonder what nicknames you will come up with for people...your silly cousin linc calls me & daddy marmo & jojo. i finally went shopping for maternity clothes this week. i was down to just 1 pair of pants that fit. i thought it might be difficult, but it was actually pretty exciting to find clothes that fit again! your dad is a trooper, i sure love him. he stood by as i searched the racks and tried on clothes. he's always by my side and i know you'll see that your parents love each other like crazy. we're so excited for you to join our little family!


  1. This is soooo pretty!!!! I love this dress!! Justin has taste like his mom " you are so beautiful"!!!!!

  2. Mar you are the cutest ever! You and Justin are going to be such wonderful parents. I can't wait to see your bump in August:)

  3. love the dress!! and the shoot! where were you?'re having your ultrasound right now! i can't believe i have to wait a whole week and a half.