Saturday, July 24, 2010

..week 21..

sweet baby...
this has been a busy, busy summer and i'm not doing as well keeping up with pictures and posts as i'd like to! i'm finally showing enough that strangers are starting to ask me when i'm due. you move lots and i can actually see my belly move. i have been feeling quite good, although i still get pretty tired. your daddy bought me these rain boots for my birthday. i look forward to days when we can jump in the rain puddles together!


  1. aww mar mar your beautiful. love you and very excited for you both:).


  2. You changed your header photo... when did you go to Goose Rocks?

  3. What a way to start my monday morning.This is so sweet and I love the boots!!!! What a great photo shoot. Ya'll are amazing!!!!

  4. sweeet boots. i was just thinking i needed to put rain boots on my wish list. well, i actually thought, barn boots, for all my farming i do. ;)
    and sweet "brella" (as the boys call them) too!

  5. Thanks for carrying that little package around for me! Love you so much.

  6. don't know if i shared the link to this guy's pregnancy series...

    (for the record, i think j's pics are way better. but it's still fun to look at prego pics.)