Thursday, August 19, 2010

..week 25..

sweet baby girl...
you are a mover and a tumbler. your daddy and i can't believe how you move in my belly. we spent the night in this snazzy lean-to and it was lovely. it was a bit chilly and i snuggled up to your daddy. he could feel you moving around on his back and it made him laugh. this dress was made by your great aunt jan, perhaps when she was my age? i love the colors. can't wait to dress you in vintage dresses!


  1. groovy dress!
    where's the lean-to? looks cozy.

  2. such a cute little belly!

    and such skinny little arms to fit in the dress!

  3. I love you in this dress. it's so hip and chic.

    what a stylish little mama you are!~