Friday, August 27, 2010

..week 26..

sweet baby girl...
you've been getting the hiccups quite a bit lately. your daddy & i love to feel you moving around in there. i feel little feet & elbows poking around, i call it 'knobbing me'. we had to take an unexpected trip to south carolina for your great granddad's funeral. so wish you could have met him. it was a good trip. thankfully i felt good for the 17 hour car ride! we did have to make a couple important stops, like for a strawberry milkshake at 10pm. your grammy & uncle brandon got to feel you moving around too. everyone is so excited to meet you....won't be long!

photos by: baby daddy.


  1. First of all I LOVE YOUR FROCK!!!( just in case no one knows what that is, its a dress, maybe southern?? maybe not). Yes her grammy did feel her moving all around, she is ready to meet everyone. You are a beautiful mommy!!!! Baby daddy didnt to bad on the photos either, hahaha! Love you!!

  2. I'm not anonymous, whats up with that??!!! Im somebody, Im Faby's grammy!! now lets try again.

  3. wow, these photos are amazing.

    You should tag these pregnancy photo posts so that it's easy to see all of these posts all together week after week.