Saturday, October 23, 2010

fabs: day 3

thanks so much for all the prayers & encouragement. we love you friends. we can now hold fabienne, which has been absolutely wonderful!
an update my mom sent out: Day 3: Yesterday the heart doctor came in and explained Fabienne's heart defect. She will need surgery about 4 months of age. Of course we know God can touch her and heal her heart and we are praying for that, and trusting Him for whatever lies ahead. The genetics doctor also talked to us about Down Syndrome, which she has. Both doctors were excellent. Pray that the feedings today will go well. Fabienne has been on just IVs up to this point. Extra prayer today will be appreciated... day 3 is often tough.
The steadfast love of the Lord never changes.


  1. i am mary

  2. so wonderful that you can hold your sweet baby. prayers and hugs!
    xoxox - jer, v and colden :o)

  3. Yay for holding Gaba today!! Can't wait to get my hands on her again! She better wake up for me! And I promise I'll eat 2 mints next time so she won't gag while I hold her!

  4. LOVE this pic. so glad that you are able to hold your daughter!! we're continuing to pray!

  5. how absolutely beautiful!! congratulations you guys :) a friend of mine knows a lot about breast feeding and recommended since she's a little early you speak with a lactation consultant (if you haven't already) for some extra tips should you still be going the au naturale route now or in the near future. all those fantastic nutrients from mom are super beneficial :) much love and prayers sent your way!!

  6. We love you guys so much! Faba is so beautiful, I love the pic on Manda's blog. You are in my thoughts and prayers continuously, can't wait to meet the little kiwi baby ;)

  7. Hi Marla! So glad you are able to hold and cuddle and start to nurse baby Fabienne!!

    I was thinking about you guys in church on Sunday - we were singing (don't know the name of the song but I'm sure you guys know it) "glorious, my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord..."
    Anyways, all I could think was that God's glory, in many ways, has been shown more clearly through disappointments and difficult times in my own life. God, and only God, takes difficulty and makes it beautiful, for His glory. I pray you see him glorified in this!!

    Also, I wrote a blog post a while back reflecting on Ally's time in intensive care... don't know if it will help you in any way but I thought I'd send you the link.

    Love and hugs,

  8. so i showed lincoln this photo so he could see marmo. his response, "why are marmo & fabienne sleeping?"