Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fah bee ehn.

fabienne is a french name.
i know french pronunciation can be tricky for us americans, so i'm here to give you all a helping hand. for those who have been unsure how to pronounce it. for those who have been pronouncing it fabian [you're wrong.]
fah bee ehn
fah B N
that would be fah as in fa la la la, or fa so la ti do.
got it?
let's say it all together
well done!


  1. sorry i spelled it wrong in my text, but i was pronouncing it correctly in my head if that counts for anything... craig told me her name & i hadn't seen it spelled yet!

  2. No worries Rae! We just figured a post like this would save us a few less conversations. And you do get credit for the correct mental pronunciation! Grade A-

  3. Kayla has been running around the house all morning practicing Fabienne's name to make sure she says it right when she gets to meet her! She's super excited (and so are we!)

  4. what about ba-bee-ehn?? does that count? if not, malacai is in trouble.

    linc's comment on this photo, "aw, cute. where's marmo? i want to see marmo."

  5. This picture is adorable. I can't wait til I have a break from school and work so I can meet her! The suspense is killing me.