Friday, October 15, 2010

foodie friday!

[that's 2 weeks in a row steph!]

super yummy egg&cheese wrap

what you need:
flour tortilla
1 large farm fresh egg [we buy ours from a friend]
[have you ever noticed how much yellower the yolks are in farm fresh eggs?]
yancey's jalapeno peppadew cheese
1 sweet hubs who makes the best fluffy eggs ever
[the best is taken, so i suppose you should find the next best.]

off to enjoy this fine fall day...


  1. ha - Marla - you are so funny!

    Actually - not five minutes ago I saw Justin's picture at Hurd's on FB and wondered if you'd be posting what you had for lunch!!

    Hope you enjoyed it!!

  2. haa..i did think about it while we were there. i took pictures...we'll have to see if i can hit 3 weeks in a row!