Wednesday, October 6, 2010

..week 31..

sweet baby girl...
a trip to tahoe! i'm so grateful i was feeling well for this trip and even able to get a peak bagged. [maggies peak 8,699 feet.] i was a bit nervous because we bought the tickets so far in advance and i wasn't sure how i'd be feeling at this stage. we got lots of comments on the trail. every person we passed said something about me out there hiking. one lady told me her husband was complaining about the hike and she pointed me out, 'there's a pregnant lady down there!' i will say my hips were very sore after this hike! every time i rolled over in the night my achy hips woke me up. i also didn't bring my oatmeal lotion along & my puppp's flared up a bit, which wasn't very comfortable. it was an amazing trip for me & your daddy to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. i love him so much and we always have so much fun being together. God has blessed us so much over these 10 years and i can't wait to see what the next 10 will hold.

photos by: baby daddy.


  1. 10 kids in the next 10 years??

  2. man i hope i handle a baby as well as you do - hiking and still ever so stylish!!

  3. your wonderful. i love you mar.