Monday, November 29, 2010

oh how things have changed...

justin: [in all sincerity] what are you all dressed up for?
me: [wearing jeans & an oversized sweater] i had an appointment today.
Her Foot
at least i get to kiss baby feet.
[i look forward to the day when my sweet baby's heel is not poked on a regular basis.]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

..week 34.. [catching up]

so these past few weeks have been a bit chaotic. i'm starting to adjust to this new schedule...[let's be honest, i didn't take a shower today.] while i work on fab's birth story, i thought i'd post some shoots that were not yet posted when faba-bean made her [surprise] entrance.

photos by: baby daddy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

fabs: we're home!

home. so good to be home. but home also brings a whole new set of challenges and adjustments. the last few days in the NICU were a roller-coaster. they took the feeding tube out, which we were so excited about and we tried to do feedings without it for 24 hours. fabienne actually did quite well, but her diaper output was not satisfactory. so back in with the feeding tube. this felt like defeat. then there was mastitis. then there were indications we may be going home soon. then the mastitis got even worse [this makes for a very, very sick & exhausted mommy]. then the doctors did their rounds and i heard them talking about things they would check in 4-5 days. then there were tears. lots & lots of tears. then there were lots of meetings with doctors and we basically begged for them to let us go home. then there was training in how to change and use the NG tube. then we were finally, finally home. then there was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics for the mastitis [a really lovely rash]. so it's wonderful to be home. but we're a tad bit tired.