Monday, August 30, 2010

when life gives you lemons...

my latest pregnancy ordeal...puppp's. a lovely itchy, ITCHY rash on my belly. i read that fresh lemon juice may help and i'm praying that's true. i also ordered some special soap as recommended by my OB. at least i can enjoy lots of fresh squeezed lemonade...

Friday, August 27, 2010

..week 26..

sweet baby girl...
you've been getting the hiccups quite a bit lately. your daddy & i love to feel you moving around in there. i feel little feet & elbows poking around, i call it 'knobbing me'. we had to take an unexpected trip to south carolina for your great granddad's funeral. so wish you could have met him. it was a good trip. thankfully i felt good for the 17 hour car ride! we did have to make a couple important stops, like for a strawberry milkshake at 10pm. your grammy & uncle brandon got to feel you moving around too. everyone is so excited to meet you....won't be long!

photos by: baby daddy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

kiwi elfits

our best mates tom & jenna are visiting from nz and they brought the cutest little elfits [outfits] for our little kiwi...100% merino wool! they are so soft and i can't wait to put them on my sweet baby.

Monday, August 23, 2010

iphone photos.

recently we drove to s.c. for grandad's funeral. we miss grandad and the visit wasn't quite the same without his smile and questions about gas mileage and trips to hardee's together. but we had a wonderful time with family remembering and celebrating his life. some iphone photos from the trip...
the world needs more rita's. mango gelati.

it was so good to have brando along on the trip. the boys were quite excited about this breakfast stop at shoney's...

our first stop in georgetown. home made pecan praline ice cream at sweetie's, of course. i couldn't help but pick out a couple extra goodies as well...

grandma was very excited to see the boys...

j & brando were pallbearer's along with a few cousins...

we also found grandma & grandpa michau's gravestone...

the church put on an amazing dinner after the funeral. a true southern meal. chicken & sausage purlough, fried chicken, ham, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, butter beans, corn, green beans, sweet tea, banana pudding, etc. so, so yummy.

hardee's wasn't the same without grandad...

my view in the [17 hour] car ride...

and some other random iphone photos...
flowers from the lovely osborn-noble wedding this past weekend...

mousey found a nice round pillow to rest on. apparently he didn't mind being kicked in the head...

have you ever seen a pregnant lady try to take off wellies? it's not an easy task...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

..week 25..

sweet baby girl...
you are a mover and a tumbler. your daddy and i can't believe how you move in my belly. we spent the night in this snazzy lean-to and it was lovely. it was a bit chilly and i snuggled up to your daddy. he could feel you moving around on his back and it made him laugh. this dress was made by your great aunt jan, perhaps when she was my age? i love the colors. can't wait to dress you in vintage dresses!

..week 24..

sweet baby girl...
your daddy's band played at a music festival this week. it was VERY hot. i got pretty tired walking around, sometimes my body has to remind me that i'm carrying an extra person because i try to do too much. my feet [mostly my left foot] were pretty swollen and my tail bone was very sore. i look forward to taking you to daddy's concerts with me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

foodie friday!

it's been many moons since i've done a foodie friday post. perhaps i can play the prego card? we had friends over recently and decided to grill up some chicken sandwiches. my friend also happens to be a vegetarian, so i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try grilling tofu. i love tofu and usually just pan fry it. but my grilled tofu did not disappoint.

for those interested:
buy extra firm tofu
soak between paper towels for at least 20 minutes [i rung out the paper towels a couple times] i also put a couple plates on top of the tofu to apply pressure.
marinate the tofu just as you would marinate chicken
grill the tofu just as you would grill chicken

for all the carnivores:
marinate the chicken in bbq sauce or your favorite marinade, then grill
lightly toast ciabatta bread on the grill
top with chipotle mayo, spinach, cheese [we used muenster & colby jack]
[for the chipotle mayo i threw some garlic & chipotle's in adobo sauce in the food processor with mayo, very yummy though my bearded man thought it was a tad spicy.]
[forgive the iphone photo, but my photographer's been rather busy. i forgive him. he has adorable dimples under that beard.]

Thursday, August 12, 2010

tomatoes out the wazoo

lately, every time i turn around mooms is giving me tomatoes.
i'm not complaining.
this is my lunch of choice lately..
..tomatoes from mooms garden
..basil from my garden
..fresh mozzarella
..a drizzle of homemade italian dressing
..a quick broil
..a very yummy lunch

Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's a...

the whole happy family was together for a few wonderful days. we had a party to reveal the gender of the baby to the family. everyone wore pink or blue to show their guess. we ordered chinese food [that's how i got j excited about the party]. i made fortune cookies with the good news written on the fortune inside. i found a recipe for the fortune cookies online and she made it look WAY easier than it actually was. most of my fortune cookies actually looked more like fortune tacos. at least they were tasty.

somehow i managed to not get a picture of our cute little fortunes [family, i'm sure you all saved yours & can send me a pic, right?] however, that gave me very good reason to buy a donut. right? ...maybe i'm just always looking for an excuse to eat a donut.
we are V E R Y excited to share that it's a ...

G I R L.