Thursday, January 20, 2011 daddy..

dear fabienne...
you are so blessed to have a daddy who loves you so much..
he cried with me when they took you from us at the hospital..

he comforts you at our many trips to the doctor's office..

he clipped your nails for the 1st time when mommy was too scared to..

he helps feed you.. even sometimes by osmosis..

he sings you silly songs & holds you til you're asleep..

he has the perfect touch to put you to sleep..

he took you for your first walk when you were just 3 weeks old..

you sure love your daddy..

and i can understand.. so do i.

i'm totally crazy about your daddy..


  1. This post is beautiful!!Now bring on the tissues. Not only is he a great daddy and husband,he is also a wonderful son!!!!!!

  2. Great post Marla! Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings to all of you!

  3. Awws. I think Mr. Bob looks like her daddy a lil' bit. Mike has NEVER clipped the boys nails!!!

  4. your wonderful parents and proud of u both:)


  5. This it the most beautiful blog post I have ever read. I can picture your girl looking at this over and over again - why not make it into a short story book that you read to her as she goes to bed at night? I think it will be her favorite book! Amazing. Love the photos and everything you said.