Saturday, January 22, 2011

christmas 2010 photo

sometimes my photo shoots don't go quite as planned...
"i know what would be cute, let's kiss while we're holding her..."

"ok faba, smile! hurry! the timer's on! ok..."

how about the old pirate-headband-over-the-eye-look...

ok. this will work.

xo. the michau's. christmas 2010.


  1. i can understand why she's so mad in the first photo... the fence post is stabbing her! :)

  2. Haaaa....these made me laugh out loud! And so did your comment Kelly!! So great! Little Ms Fabs is too cute! (Um, what about her Christmas photo shoot with Auntie Manda??)

  3. hahaha! that first picture is amazing! little fabs you're too sweet!
    also... where did you get such an amazzzingg dress?!