Friday, January 28, 2011

he shoots me and he will shoot you too.

my sweet hubs gave me a fun project.... at least i'd call it fun. you see, i love to write. not in the forming of paragraphs & ideas kind of way. just in the drawing of letters & numbers kind of way. i've always studied other people's handwriting and i'm constantly working to improve my own. there's just something about creating the perfect "a" or getting the curve in a "j" just right that gets me going. i could fill out forms all day. go ahead & say what you're thinking - weirdo. and since you already said it, i'll go ahead and share this with you as always drove me crazy when teachers would write on the board with poor handwriting. and if they only partially erased the board - i could hardly stay in my seat. the tip of the "l" that had not been properly erased would drive me insane for the rest of class. and i know i'm dating myself - we had chalkboards in school. not whiteboards. not smartboards. good ole fashion chalkboards. sometimes i even got to go outside to clean the erasers, clapping them together forming chalky clouds.
anyways, back to the project...

the contact info for his site...

i may have gottten a little sidetracked...

check out his amazing work here .

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  1. Snazzy hat.

    Could we get jobs filling out forms?? Dream job! Or addressing envelopes, I love to do that too!