Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mister bob.

rode to gram's with mand the other day. the boys liked to 'sleep' like levi & fabienne. when we arrived home, mand told the boys to say bye to miss fabs. "bye miss fabs!", linc exclaimed. and little cai didn't miss a beat, "bye mister bobs!" haaaa! ...the boys have a bit of an issue with he & she, him & her, and apparently miss & mister as well. [and cai always calls fabs - bobbienne.] i love my sweet nephs!

speaking of mister bobs...i'm getting quite the collection of fuzzy phone pictures of my sweet, sweet babes asleep on my chest. but you see, i never, never want to forget how amazing it feels to have my little one passed out on my chest...

her perfect little lips.

her sweet little hands...

her little breaths on my chest...

her sweet little noises...

her warm little body on mine...

i love mister bob.


  1. love seeing photos marla! baby sleeping on you is quite possibly the best feeling in the world. what a precious gift <3 hope you are all well!

  2. Grammy had the best time ever with Mister Bob!!!!! Love you baby girl!!!

  3. Chris and I enjoyed laughing about Mister Bob. What a great story! :)