Thursday, February 3, 2011


almost every morning i eat tim tams with my coffee. nothing wrong with that, right? i bought this cup for j's stocking. and i love it. i kinda stole it. nothing wrong with that, right?

mooms got us these amazing glasses from salva's...
i love them.

this little lady is asleep on the couch next to me.
i love her.

this guy is my partner in crime. we hike through the woods together. we wash dishes together. we struggle through questions that can't be answered together. life is not always easy. but we're always together. and i love that.


  1. First of all, I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!!!! Tim Tams must be a northern thing, because I cant find them here( which is probably a good thing) they are soooo good!! i love your glasses, and that sweet baby girl is so precious and beautiful!!! And Justin , I just love him to pieces too. Sorry my comments are always to long.

  2. She is so beautiful!!!! Seriously! Maybe I'm crazy but I see my Jaidin in her.. They look alike! Like I said, I could just be crazy and making that up!