Thursday, March 24, 2011

out like a lion?

i consider myself a pretty hardcore new yorker.
but also, sometimes enough is enough.

although i do find it rather cute to see 4 snow plows driving down the road.

Monday, March 21, 2011



five [5!] months ago a little faba bean entered the world...
five months ago it was hard for me to say down syndrome without crying...
five months ago i knew our lives would never be the same...

five months later i can say the world is now brighter ...
five months later i love my girl with the bright almond eyes...
five months later i'm glad our lives are not the same.

today is down syndrome awareness day.
those with down syndrome have an extra 21st chromosome.
down syndrome is also known as trisomy 21.
we love our little girl with that extra chromosome.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

my week in iphone photos

my iphone holds a special place in my heart. yeah, i'm one of those people. but i love that i always have a camera in my pocket. it helps me capture the every day moments...

::night out:: mimi watched little faba for the evening and we had dinner AND coffee. it was amazing. i so love this man and long talks about life. dreaming about our future. together.

::aztek mocha:: yes that is a chile floating on top. yes it was amazing. yes i have my barista working on a recipe so i can have these on demand. yes i'm totally spoiled. yes that is a mini peanut butter pie sitting next to my mocha. yes there are 2 forks because we shared...we always share...i love that he shares with me.

::walking with daddy:: FIFTY degrees people! 5-0! spring is springing and i love it. i so enjoy the anticipation of a new season. i love living somewhere with 4 very distinct seasons. it may be a bit brown and dreary now, but rainbow socks & polk-a-dot leggings can brighten any day...

::weekly O.T.:: Faba has an occupational therapist come once a week. at first, just the idea of this was overwhelming. but her o.t. is amazing and we look forward to her visit each week. she helps fabs work on everyday activities such as holding her head up, reaching for toys, proper positioning, etc.

::baby legs:: sweet little fabs can't stop staring at her legs when she wears these. so.stinking.cute.

::cold pizza:: our boys were off doing manly things, so i spent the night with mand. we concluded our evening with a true mom's meal...cold pizza! after errands were run, children were fed, nursed, and put to bed, we finally sat down and ate. a good 2 hours after we picked up the pizza. girl talk over pizza with banana peppers & garlic butter make for a fantastic evening. [mike, i would like you to know mand killed a bug all by herself whilst you were gone. it may have taken some coaching & there may have been a minor flip out. but it was minor. and the bug is dead.]

photos edited with instagram. another iphone app that i heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it could be yours...

see my totally adorable dress? it's from auntie manda. she always finds the cutest vintage clothes. see this totally adorable corduroy jumper...
it could be can win it here!
check out her etsy store here.
do it to it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

some friday love

today i am loving...

these thank you notes on etsy.

this vintage shamrock sweater on etsy. perfect for st. pat's day!
[just writing the word shamrock made me want a shamrock shake]

this yarn in my knitting bag. i hope it will be a hat on a baby head very soon.

this little babycakes.

this pal of mine. he's the cream in my coffee.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ten on ten

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

01. flat white by my barista 02. morning nap: i could eat those cheeks 03. mid-morning snack 04. baby mocs & wellies on a dreary march day 05. bright yellow flowers for a dreary day 06. three words: cadbury mini eggs 07. diaper change 08. a little james taylor 09. daddy's home 10. so good to have daddy home!

join in on the fun here:

ten on ten button

Monday, March 7, 2011

field trip!

look who went to work today!

so good to get out & do big girl things like balance checkbooks!
and i so missed my friends on the farm.
[when trying to figure out a paper jam, we discovered a mouse left a candy bar inside the copier machine...i just don't get to see things like this at home...]

Saturday, March 5, 2011

..week 35..[catching up]

some more never posted belly shots. little did we know faba would make her entrance less than a week after these pictures were taken. it was a lovely fall day. homemade potpies. hot spiced cider. frosted maple cookies. a walk through the apple orchards with my one & only. enjoying our last few days as a family of two.
edit: i just remembered i barely squeezed these boots on. lest i forget the joys of fat prego feet... as if it's not enough that hardly any clothes fit in the last weeks of pregnancy, your shoes may not fit either. and then there's the task of getting around that belly to pull the boots on...

photos by: baby daddy.