Monday, March 7, 2011

field trip!

look who went to work today!

so good to get out & do big girl things like balance checkbooks!
and i so missed my friends on the farm.
[when trying to figure out a paper jam, we discovered a mouse left a candy bar inside the copier machine...i just don't get to see things like this at home...]


  1. haha! fabs is going to take over my old job in no time!

  2. I'm not sure Fabs is too keen on going back to work.

    Ohmygoodness...a candy bar in the copier?!! Looking forward to hearing more good farm stories now that you're back to work.

    v-word: harker (this word is for gramps)

  3. Fabs seems to be so much like her grammy when it comes to work, I frown just like that when I get to my office, hahahah!!!! Love you baby girl!!!

  4. Ew! That mouse story makes me miss "home" though. Great pic of my mama, and beautiful fabs, of course :)