Saturday, March 19, 2011

my week in iphone photos

my iphone holds a special place in my heart. yeah, i'm one of those people. but i love that i always have a camera in my pocket. it helps me capture the every day moments...

::night out:: mimi watched little faba for the evening and we had dinner AND coffee. it was amazing. i so love this man and long talks about life. dreaming about our future. together.

::aztek mocha:: yes that is a chile floating on top. yes it was amazing. yes i have my barista working on a recipe so i can have these on demand. yes i'm totally spoiled. yes that is a mini peanut butter pie sitting next to my mocha. yes there are 2 forks because we shared...we always share...i love that he shares with me.

::walking with daddy:: FIFTY degrees people! 5-0! spring is springing and i love it. i so enjoy the anticipation of a new season. i love living somewhere with 4 very distinct seasons. it may be a bit brown and dreary now, but rainbow socks & polk-a-dot leggings can brighten any day...

::weekly O.T.:: Faba has an occupational therapist come once a week. at first, just the idea of this was overwhelming. but her o.t. is amazing and we look forward to her visit each week. she helps fabs work on everyday activities such as holding her head up, reaching for toys, proper positioning, etc.

::baby legs:: sweet little fabs can't stop staring at her legs when she wears these. so.stinking.cute.

::cold pizza:: our boys were off doing manly things, so i spent the night with mand. we concluded our evening with a true mom's meal...cold pizza! after errands were run, children were fed, nursed, and put to bed, we finally sat down and ate. a good 2 hours after we picked up the pizza. girl talk over pizza with banana peppers & garlic butter make for a fantastic evening. [mike, i would like you to know mand killed a bug all by herself whilst you were gone. it may have taken some coaching & there may have been a minor flip out. but it was minor. and the bug is dead.]

photos edited with instagram. another iphone app that i heart.


  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us! I remember those days when I would finally get a chance to eat after the kids were all in bed. Brings back lots of memories, good ones mostly!


  2. What a great post!!!!!!! I love my N.Y. family, you're such an inspiration!!!!!

  3. your post should read, mand killed a really, really big bug.

    i can't stop staring at fabs legs either...they are too cute!! but i like them better bare!!