Saturday, April 23, 2011

happy happy

dear friendy. thirteen years ago i met you. i'm glad i did.

i picked you. i'm glad i did. i picked you because..
:: you love Christ & it shows in the way you love me and love others.
:: you make me smile every. single. day.
:: you hold my hand just right, it's like our secret handhold.
:: you're hot when you play your guitar.
:: i knew you'd be the most amazing daddy. you are.
:: i love how you always make everyone laugh.
:: when i ask how's mister beebs, you know i'm talking about our daughter.
:: you are insanely creative and talented.
:: you know just how i like my coffee.
:: you are always ready for the next adventure.
:: when i say surprise me, you always bring me the perfect treat.
:: you make my heart happy.
:: i love you.

happy birthday.

Friday, April 15, 2011

foodie friday!!!

did you know april is national grilled cheese month? now you do and you're welcome. this inspired me and we had some decked out grilled cheese sammies for dinner the other night. any day that's over 49 and sunny here calls for grilling out. in my humble opinion. my manly man grilled some chicken and we made the following grilled cheese sammies:
multi grain ciabatta rolls [buttered & lightly toasted on the grill]
grilled marinated chicken
balsamic mayo [i just added a splash of balsamic to my mayo]
organic spinach
fresh mozzarella
sliced avocado
very yummy and highly recommended. for the record my manly man was art directing another shot of the sandwich [such is life when you live with a photographer]. and my camera died. so all you get is my amateur angle. also, for a wonderful vegetarian option, just substitute the chicken with grilled tofu. yummy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

:: today ::

:: i walked to the post office. after i go to nyc, i'm always inspired to walk more.
:: we received this baby bjorn from our registry and it is super.
:: isn't this vintage baby bunting adorable?! thanks cait!
:: i had a frosty float and fries for lunch. healthy, i know.
:: i did zumba at mops this morning. i see what all the hype is about...way funner than walking the treadmill.
:: someone please tell spellcheck funner is a word.
:: the sky is orange from the sunset and it's beautiful. it also makes me want orange sherbet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

ten on ten

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

01. first things first: steaming cup of coffee. 02. sleepy milk drunk. 03. sunshine in the nursery. 04. baby legs...i'm kind of obsessed. 05. b-fast for lunch: multigrain bagel. 06. that's my girl. 07.she loves her daddy. 08. family . 09. springtime! 70 degrees people! 7-0!!! 10. dinner: grilled buffalo chicken pizza. yum. we sat on the patio at mom & dad's & watched the orange sunset and listened to peepers. bliss.

* photos are a tag team effort with my one and only.

join in on the fun here:
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

..week 36.. [catching up]

little did i know this would be my last prego photo shoot. i was just beginning to enter the truly uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. my back was aching. my feet were swollen. my hips were sore. i couldn't really remember what it felt like to NOT be pregnant. it's funny how quickly you forget all the little things, but i did jot down a few things i was looking forward to:
..kissing j without breaking me back
..putting on socks/shoes normal
..clothes that fiiiiiiiiiiiit
..sleeping without waking up to roll
..sleeping without waking up to pee
..not feeling like i have to pee forever and always
i wish i would have done better about writing things down, but i'm grateful for the little reminders i have. i was just sharing with a friend how thankful i am for my blog. i've never done a good job at keeping a journal and it's so great to have my thoughts and pictures in one place where i can look back over the months and years. my advice: find what works for you. write it down. you'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

she's a roller.

i lay my little ladycakes down for some tummy time this morning. i went in the kitchen to make my morning coffee. i walked back in to check on my sweets and this is what i find...
on her BACK. she's a sneaky little ladycakes...
at least she gave me the 'goo' face...i think she knows the goo face gets me every time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

saturday morning concert with dad...

rock on dad.

i love that my little girl is so smitten with her daddy. totally understandable...i am too. and now, the sun is out and i must go walk in it...