Friday, April 15, 2011

foodie friday!!!

did you know april is national grilled cheese month? now you do and you're welcome. this inspired me and we had some decked out grilled cheese sammies for dinner the other night. any day that's over 49 and sunny here calls for grilling out. in my humble opinion. my manly man grilled some chicken and we made the following grilled cheese sammies:
multi grain ciabatta rolls [buttered & lightly toasted on the grill]
grilled marinated chicken
balsamic mayo [i just added a splash of balsamic to my mayo]
organic spinach
fresh mozzarella
sliced avocado
very yummy and highly recommended. for the record my manly man was art directing another shot of the sandwich [such is life when you live with a photographer]. and my camera died. so all you get is my amateur angle. also, for a wonderful vegetarian option, just substitute the chicken with grilled tofu. yummy.


  1. I actually like your angle just fine and in my humble opinion, no one wants a vegetarian option!! :)

  2. oh holy yum. i might just go get some ingredients for this asap.

  3. everyday for the rest of the month we need to eat grilled cheesers!!!

  4. yum!! looks delicious. i didn't even know there WAS a grilled cheese month, but i love it!

  5. This food looks SO incredible! YUM.

  6. hooray for grilled cheese!!!

  7. yum yum yum!!! Avocado makes everything 10x more delicious!