Saturday, April 23, 2011

happy happy

dear friendy. thirteen years ago i met you. i'm glad i did.

i picked you. i'm glad i did. i picked you because..
:: you love Christ & it shows in the way you love me and love others.
:: you make me smile every. single. day.
:: you hold my hand just right, it's like our secret handhold.
:: you're hot when you play your guitar.
:: i knew you'd be the most amazing daddy. you are.
:: i love how you always make everyone laugh.
:: when i ask how's mister beebs, you know i'm talking about our daughter.
:: you are insanely creative and talented.
:: you know just how i like my coffee.
:: you are always ready for the next adventure.
:: when i say surprise me, you always bring me the perfect treat.
:: you make my heart happy.
:: i love you.

happy birthday.


  1. Tooooo sweet!!!! You do have an amazing husband, and I thank God that he chose me to be his mom, but what makes him even more amazing is his amazing wife and daughter!!! I think I have alot of amazings in this right, but who's counting!!!!!!!

  2. cute! :) happy birthday justin!

  3. What an incredibly sweet photo. And such sweet words. Love it.