Tuesday, April 12, 2011

:: today ::

:: i walked to the post office. after i go to nyc, i'm always inspired to walk more.
:: we received this baby bjorn from our registry and it is super.
:: isn't this vintage baby bunting adorable?! thanks cait!
:: i had a frosty float and fries for lunch. healthy, i know.
:: i did zumba at mops this morning. i see what all the hype is about...way funner than walking the treadmill.
:: someone please tell spellcheck funner is a word.
:: the sky is orange from the sunset and it's beautiful. it also makes me want orange sherbet.


  1. aw, cute pics! what a sweet babe & mama.

  2. zumba & walking the town?! dang girl! {zumba was fun...so worth the sore leg i now have from not obeying doctor's orders...}

    oh little faba - you are too sweet!!

  3. fabbss! what a little peanut, definitely a good buy.

  4. maybe we should do zumba on monday nights while we wait for the bach to return?!

    and then get floats and fries after to reward ourselves?!

  5. I love babywearing and miss it so. And don't get me started on Zumba. Um...LOVE it.