Saturday, April 9, 2011

..week 36.. [catching up]

little did i know this would be my last prego photo shoot. i was just beginning to enter the truly uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. my back was aching. my feet were swollen. my hips were sore. i couldn't really remember what it felt like to NOT be pregnant. it's funny how quickly you forget all the little things, but i did jot down a few things i was looking forward to:
..kissing j without breaking me back
..putting on socks/shoes normal
..clothes that fiiiiiiiiiiiit
..sleeping without waking up to roll
..sleeping without waking up to pee
..not feeling like i have to pee forever and always
i wish i would have done better about writing things down, but i'm grateful for the little reminders i have. i was just sharing with a friend how thankful i am for my blog. i've never done a good job at keeping a journal and it's so great to have my thoughts and pictures in one place where i can look back over the months and years. my advice: find what works for you. write it down. you'll be glad you did.


  1. ahh...fabs in the belly!! so cute!

    bah - preggers or not, i still gotta get up in the night to pee!!

    v-word: snedlyea

  2. so lovely to see the seasons change and the belly grow - and now the baby grow! :)

  3. As I eagerly await a baby bump of my own - I envy this photo shoot!... Beautiful. :)