Sunday, July 31, 2011

we're his biggest fans.

these pictures were taken over two months ago & i can't get over how much my little peanut has grown. this sweet onesie barely snaps over her diaper now [but i love it, so i keep stretching]! her feet actually fit into these sandals now. her wispy hair is so much longer.
fabs has her headphones ready to go...j's band, brothers mcclurg, will be playing at kingdom bound festival these next couple days. we are so, so excited for the cd release august 2. matter of fact, stay tuned for a cd giveaway. woot woot.

[this blanket was knit just for my little girl. isn't it beautiful?! thanks christy's mom.]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

simply the best.

me: does everyone think their baby is the best, or do we really have the best baby?
j: we really have the best baby.
me: thought so.

happy weekend! stay cool. go for a swim. enjoy the summer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

he's a dad.

so we're a couple days past fathers day...but i had to post these pictures...

fruit salad, obviously not for the dads... [mango is a must in fruit salad. if you ask me.] that plate of meat...for the dads.

cutest father's day cards. one for my daddy-o. one for my baby daddy.
tutorial found here. love these!
gone. [crying↓]
my sweet a father...
i love him because he is an amazing father.
she loves him because she is safe in his arms.
i love him because his smile gives me butterflies.
she loves him because his playful toss gives her butterflies.
i love him because he makes me smile every day.
she loves him because he makes her smile every day.
i love him because he is handsome from the inside out...including his rugged beard.
she just loves pulling on that rugged beard.
i love him because he is a safe shoulder to cry on.
she loves him because he always knows how to calm her when she's crying.
i love him because he makes me feel beautiful.
she loves him because he sings her silly songs & tells her she's beautiful.
i love him because he works hard and provides for our family.
she loves him because he always has a hug for her when he walks in the door.
i love him because he loves the daughter God gave us.
she loves him because she knows daddy is crazy about her.

we love him because he makes our family complete.

happy first father's day love.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

zulily: charlie banana!!

for those who may be interested, zulily has charlie banana diapers on sale today! you can get a 6 pack for $79.99. plus, use coupon code: COUPREF3559 to receive an additional 10% off! that brings the total to just $72, a steal for diapers that are regularly $20 a piece! and yes, a tutti frutti set is totally on its way to my doorstep. don't tell the hubs.

sign up for a zulily account here!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i may be addicted: cloth diapers.

when i found out i was pregnant i was immediately drawn to the idea of cloth diapering. i did some [read: a ton] research and decided cloth diapering was definitely for me. i love everything about it. well almost everything...rinsing poo off diapers isn't on the top of my list of favorite things to do. [pretty sure this officially just became a 'mom blog' cause i'm talking about poopsies.] but i do love:
... the amazing colors of cloth diapers and color coordinating diapers with outfits.
... the cloth diaper bubble butt.
... that faba has never had a diaper rash.
... that i'm not filling landfills with hundreds of disposable diapers.
... that we will save at least $1,000 compared to using disposables [including laundering costs]. great chart
our little fabs was a bit of a pip squeak, so i found that fitted diapers worked best for us in the newborn stage [which lasted a couple months as she gained weight so slowly.] my favorites were kissaluvs size 0 and thirsties size xs. my favorite covers were thirsties and the fabulous aqua cover found on etsy.
for the last few months [once she reached about 9 lbs.] my go to diaper has been my charlie banana's. i love the colors, i like that the fleece lining keeps her nice and dry. i also have some bum genius dipes with velcro and i've found that i prefer the snaps. just a personal preference thing. although it is nice to have some velcro as they seem easier for others to use [babysitters, etc.] the pocket diapers have an insert that go inside the pocket. i recently purchased some hemp inserts as i read they are trim and very absorbent... the jury is still out on those.

i have a couple wet bags for soiled diapers. i have an xl, which holds about 14 diapers. the perfect size for a couple days worth of diapers. i found my wet bags at monkey foot designs, they are extremely well made and she has great fabrics to choose from. as a matter of fact, would someone get me this one. please and thanks.
i also have a medium bag, which holds about 3 small diapers. it's the perfect size to go in the diaper bag.
my amazing mooms found these swim diapers at salva's! i have yet to use them, so i should probably go buy a kiddie pool right this minute and put them to use. especially considering it is going to be so dang hot this week.
i purchased all my diapers on sale or gently used, which has kept the expense down considerably [all my charlie banana's were 40% off!]. here are some helpful sites i have used:

cloth diaper bubble butt...

see, adorable!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ten on ten

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

01. she's on the move! i never know where i'll find her when i leave the room for a minute, perhaps in the corner with a tupperware bowl on her head... 02. summer = flowers in the garden. 03. my girl. 04. picking berries at mooms & pops house. 05. ruffle butt & sweet little dress my mom made. 06. from the garden. 07. dill cucumbers mooms made...yummy! 08. a little snack before bed. 09. homemade berry pie with fresh picked berries... a little slice of heaven. 10. night sky on the drive home.
* photos are a tag team effort with my one and only.

join in on the fun here:
ten on ten button

Friday, July 8, 2011

foodie friday!!! avocado egg in a blanket.

ok, i just realized the last three recipes i've done have been with avocado. i promise i eat some meals without avocado. apparently not that often. this is a very easy and very yummy breakfast. it's even easier if your sweet hubs makes it for you [thanks friendo-head!].
avocado egg in a blanket...
whole wheat bread
farm fresh egg
parmesan cheese
fresh cracked pepper
yum and yum. plus it sounds cute to say egg in a blanket. happy weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

she's a happy camper

sweet baby girl...we took you on your first camping trip to our favorite place in the world, the adirondacks. the forecast was full of thunderstorms so we cheated a bit and got a canvas tent. [the woods inn, inlet ny] it was a cute little tent and we were nice & cozy inside through some serious thunderstorms. we were happy to have somewhere to relax and contentedly listened to the rain pitter pattering on the tent. unfortunately we weren't able to hike because of the weather, but we did go on a fun adventure scouting out moose territory after hearing of a recent moose sighting. we found moose tracks and look forward to returning to scout out the moose! we had such a lovely time, wandering around town, eating at our favorite restaurants [and of course i ate two donuts], daydreaming about future trips & taking you on hikes. you are a trooper little ladycakes. as we watched the sunset over the lake, i breathed in the fresh mountain air and i thanked God for blessing us with you...we're so happy to have you on this journey of life.

photos by my mountain man who makes the best camp coffee ever. ever.!