Friday, July 8, 2011

foodie friday!!! avocado egg in a blanket.

ok, i just realized the last three recipes i've done have been with avocado. i promise i eat some meals without avocado. apparently not that often. this is a very easy and very yummy breakfast. it's even easier if your sweet hubs makes it for you [thanks friendo-head!].
avocado egg in a blanket...
whole wheat bread
farm fresh egg
parmesan cheese
fresh cracked pepper
yum and yum. plus it sounds cute to say egg in a blanket. happy weekend.


  1. woot - a foodie friday post! it is cute - egg in a blanket! {hopefully not too much longer before you'll get FREE farm fresh eggs!}

    v-word: cawslyme {as in: ticks cawslyme disease...}

  2. I will feed you lots of avocados - come visit sooooooon :) I got 4 avocados for $1 at the farmers market today - hello california!!!