Thursday, July 21, 2011

he's a dad.

so we're a couple days past fathers day...but i had to post these pictures...

fruit salad, obviously not for the dads... [mango is a must in fruit salad. if you ask me.] that plate of meat...for the dads.

cutest father's day cards. one for my daddy-o. one for my baby daddy.
tutorial found here. love these!
gone. [crying↓]
my sweet a father...
i love him because he is an amazing father.
she loves him because she is safe in his arms.
i love him because his smile gives me butterflies.
she loves him because his playful toss gives her butterflies.
i love him because he makes me smile every day.
she loves him because he makes her smile every day.
i love him because he is handsome from the inside out...including his rugged beard.
she just loves pulling on that rugged beard.
i love him because he is a safe shoulder to cry on.
she loves him because he always knows how to calm her when she's crying.
i love him because he makes me feel beautiful.
she loves him because he sings her silly songs & tells her she's beautiful.
i love him because he works hard and provides for our family.
she loves him because he always has a hug for her when he walks in the door.
i love him because he loves the daughter God gave us.
she loves him because she knows daddy is crazy about her.

we love him because he makes our family complete.

happy first father's day love.


  1. goosebumps and teary eyes. beautiful post :)

  2. - love the onesie
    - love the pic of her pulling j's beard
    - love the giraffe
    - love the fam photos

    vword: spowa

  3. AWESOME!!!!!! Thats about all I can say!!!

  4. goodnight!! this is absolutely beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful testimony to a great dad!!

  6. Love this post. Your blog is one of the most, correction, the most beautiful blog I've ever come across. You've inspired me to start a blog. I'm friends with Lyndsay and married to Derek Spink. I think your blog could win an award :) Your love for Justin is so evident and encouraging.

  7. love it! and is this debuting your photog skills??! fabs is too amazingly cute in all these pictures! are you doing the no upper lip in that fam pic at the picnic table?
    what a wonderful mama & papa this baby girl has been blessed with! {and best auntie ever of course!}

  8. aaahhheeem Mand - two of the best Aunties in the world - just because I live on the other side of the country does not de-mote my loving aunt status :)

    Mar, this is a wonderful post! Love, love the photo shoot & your thoughtful captions! God knew what He was doing by bringing Fabs into your lives - and its transforming more lives, hearts, and families than you'll ever know! I am proud to call you seester - and blessed!

  9. oh goodness! i love the picture of fabs on justin's lap looking at the camera and the one of you two ladies at the picnic table.


  10. this post made me teary :) wonderful pics too, as always!

  11. This is the sweetest post I think I've ever read.