Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i may be addicted: cloth diapers.

when i found out i was pregnant i was immediately drawn to the idea of cloth diapering. i did some [read: a ton] research and decided cloth diapering was definitely for me. i love everything about it. well almost everything...rinsing poo off diapers isn't on the top of my list of favorite things to do. [pretty sure this officially just became a 'mom blog' cause i'm talking about poopsies.] but i do love:
... the amazing colors of cloth diapers and color coordinating diapers with outfits.
... the cloth diaper bubble butt.
... that faba has never had a diaper rash.
... that i'm not filling landfills with hundreds of disposable diapers.
... that we will save at least $1,000 compared to using disposables [including laundering costs]. great chart
our little fabs was a bit of a pip squeak, so i found that fitted diapers worked best for us in the newborn stage [which lasted a couple months as she gained weight so slowly.] my favorites were kissaluvs size 0 and thirsties size xs. my favorite covers were thirsties and the fabulous aqua cover found on etsy.
for the last few months [once she reached about 9 lbs.] my go to diaper has been my charlie banana's. i love the colors, i like that the fleece lining keeps her nice and dry. i also have some bum genius dipes with velcro and i've found that i prefer the snaps. just a personal preference thing. although it is nice to have some velcro as they seem easier for others to use [babysitters, etc.] the pocket diapers have an insert that go inside the pocket. i recently purchased some hemp inserts as i read they are trim and very absorbent... the jury is still out on those.

i have a couple wet bags for soiled diapers. i have an xl, which holds about 14 diapers. the perfect size for a couple days worth of diapers. i found my wet bags at monkey foot designs, they are extremely well made and she has great fabrics to choose from. as a matter of fact, would someone get me this one. please and thanks.
i also have a medium bag, which holds about 3 small diapers. it's the perfect size to go in the diaper bag.
my amazing mooms found these swim diapers at salva's! i have yet to use them, so i should probably go buy a kiddie pool right this minute and put them to use. especially considering it is going to be so dang hot this week.
i purchased all my diapers on sale or gently used, which has kept the expense down considerably [all my charlie banana's were 40% off!]. here are some helpful sites i have used:

cloth diaper bubble butt...

see, adorable!


  1. This is so helpful! I'm in the process of trying to decide which kind of cloth diapers to get and it's nice to have this perspective.

  2. she has the cutest little cloth diaper bootie.

    your picture are gorgeous marla!

  3. So glad you went with cloth! I loved it too.

  4. cutest little bubble butt. so glad you are a nerd about cloth diapering and did all the research so that i could cloth diaper. levi's bum thanks you.

  5. Loved it all!! Great bum shots too :)

  6. Very cute! Good for you - cloth diapers are not as scary as some think. I totally agree and have found the experience to be really fun! I love the bubble butt :)

  7. What a cutie!!! I'm definitely thinking about cloth diapers for when we have kiddos!

  8. cloth is wonderful. we started with prefolds because they were so crazy cheap, comparatively, but i do love fitteds with wool covers, too. and as for the hemp liners? i have some, and my jury's still out.