Sunday, July 31, 2011

we're his biggest fans.

these pictures were taken over two months ago & i can't get over how much my little peanut has grown. this sweet onesie barely snaps over her diaper now [but i love it, so i keep stretching]! her feet actually fit into these sandals now. her wispy hair is so much longer.
fabs has her headphones ready to go...j's band, brothers mcclurg, will be playing at kingdom bound festival these next couple days. we are so, so excited for the cd release august 2. matter of fact, stay tuned for a cd giveaway. woot woot.

[this blanket was knit just for my little girl. isn't it beautiful?! thanks christy's mom.]


  1. oh man do i love these photos! i love the little nose scrunch one! too, too cute baby girl.
    hooray hooray for the rock star!

  2. She is super cute!! and those sandals!

  3. oh my she is just the cutest! can't wait to see y'all again soon :)