Tuesday, August 2, 2011


today is the day alive is released! you can download it on amazon or itunes.
so, so proud of this dreamboat...

a hard copy of the cd could be yours...

...isn't the artwork simply amazing. my dreamboat did that also.

[CLOSED}to enter to win the cd:
simply post a link on your facebook or blog sharing this oh-so-exciting news, then leave a comment below. [for example: Brothers McClurg alive! go directly to itunes. download. be happy you supported some wonderful musicians. enjoy some amazing tunes.] you can even copy & paste, i did the dirty work for you.
thanks friends.

***congratulations to michelle, an autographed cd is coming your way.


  1. I posted on Facebook and although I already have a copy that has been on repeat all weekend I wouldn't turn down winning another one :)

    I'll just have to think of someone else I know who needs to be exposed to some awesome music.

  2. I shared the link on FB. Was going to anyway, but the chance to win a copy makes it even better!

  3. teehee - dreamboat. posted on FB. bought the album on itunes. {sorry for the bump down...eek!}

  4. Great album!!!!!Im proud of your "dreamboat" too!!!!

  5. shared on FB :) proud of my bro-in-law!