Thursday, September 29, 2011

fall fashion...thursday.

don't let these sunny pictures deceive...this fall day was filled with rain as evidenced by the drops on the cabbage leaves. as we were driving, this cabbage field caught my photographer's eye. usually when he gets such ideas, i'm teetering through a field in heels. today me and my wellies trudged right through the mud, well prepared. it was really quite lovely with the sun shining through the massive cabbage leaves, the raindrops glistening in the sunlight. this is an ideal fall outfit for me. a cozy sweater as soft as cashmere, jeans, and boots.
sweater: thrifted
jeans: h&m
boots: gift from my hubs
earrings: gift from my brother

sweater: vintage, gift [best sweater. ever.]
panda bumpants: i found online somewhere [?]
boots: etsy

this has been so fun, and i so appreciate all the comment love. you gals rock.


  1. You take the best photos! Seriously, these are beautiful.

  2. You have lovely photos! Lucky girl! And what a sweet moment with your little babe!! I love the panda butt! haha

    And I really love your boots! I might need to get me a pair!

  3. you are gorgeous, marla! i've loved seeing all your pictures this week. and oh my word!!! i can't help but smile at little fabs with her hood up and little panda booty! can't wait to see you guys and hear all about your trip!

  4. yay, hunter wellies! =)

    also, i really like all the stripes in that first picture...reminds me of a sweater my dad had when i was a kid, which i think was made from a pendleton blanket. =)