Friday, December 16, 2011

o christmas tree!

so fun to have a little bear with us this year on our tree hunt.  ...she's a tiny little bear, her bunting is 12 months and she's swimming in there!  no snow this year, but turns out there are perks with that. usually we have to leave the tree on the porch overnight to dry off, but since it was nice & sunny we were able to bring the tree right in!  we put a favorite christmas record on and j popped some popcorn on the stove.  with one of his special seasonings,  cinnamon chipotle - yummy.  it's so cozy in here with the tree and all the lights.  it's the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. Eeps - I love that little bear - I just want to squeeze her!!
    Mmm...I want some cinnamon chipotle popcorn!
    Also - Linc made that same comment about not having to dry the tree off this year. Yes, Linc! I cannot believe that kid - too smart & such a good memory.

  2. little bear waving in the trees...
    so cute i can't even stand it!
    let's get that little sister cookin ;) haha.

  3. What a beautiful family, I'm so proud to be a part of it!!! Baby girl, or should I say"baby bear" is adorable!!!!! Hopefully next christmas I can cut my own tree too!!!

  4. Just can't wait to be her & you! she sure lives up to her middle name!

  5. How do you not just pinch those cheeks all day long? That bear snow suit is simply to die for. Lucky momma!