Monday, December 5, 2011

one thousand gifts.

in this season of giving i am reminded of the abundance that has been given to me. starting a list to remind myself of that abundance.
01.. this sweet little cakes. perhaps she wouldn't be smiling if she knew we were waiting for the flu shot. but i'm thankful for that too...good medical care.

02.. oliver's homemade peppermint ice cream with hot fudge. so so yummy.

03.. going to cut down the christmas tree with my sweet little family.

04.. my little bear in the woods. she's such a sweet baby.

05.. an impromptu dinner with my mooms. at the library. so so thankful she lives close by.

06.. my bath beanie burrito. fresh and clean. girlie loves her bath.

07.. a nutella steamer made my one true love. like a nutella hot chocolate only fancier. it's handy having a barista live with you. he's a good looking barista too.

share your 1000 gifts here...


  1. what?? a nutella hot chocolate? how did you make that ?

  2. LOVE the numbered pictures. That was a gift!

  3. ooh! i like this. might have to do the same.
    cute pics of your cute fam!

  4. just started reading this book last night.

  5. I'm currently reading this book and LOVING It. A friend and I are starting a book club at our church and this is first on our list. Have you gone through the study questions and videos that come with it? Those are great resources!

  6. the first picture of your daughter is just precious, her blue eyes are beautiful and that smile is just heartwarming