Wednesday, January 4, 2012


in 2012 i hope to::
..document more content & compassionate.

..knit more

..make sure this guy knows i'm crazy about him. every single day.

..send more letters.
[please tell me you remember folding notes like kids even write notes these days??]

..connect more.
..bake more bread.

..take time to be creative.


  1. hmm... how about teaching knitting ... (:

    my friend recently started grinding her own flour and the bread she makes with it tastes amazing [...according to her hubs]!

  2. ouu...your v-day banners in this post and the last make me all excited to make some!! {especially since my branch in the kitchen is bare now}
    what about those big chunky knit blankets? i think i could take up knitting to make one of those. would i need to know how to knit with regular needles first?? let's do that this year!
    those notes!! i wonder where my box of notes are...

  3. I So remember folding notes just like that! And no, the kids don't write notes anymore. (I teach high schoolers.) They're too busy texting and tweeting... Too bad they can't get out their box of notes 10 years after high school like we can!

  4. Must say, I think you already do these things so well!