Friday, January 20, 2012

it's a....

j & i decided to have the ultrasound tech write down the gender of our baby so we could find out the gender together with our family. party on. we actually had the ultrasound tech email a friend whom we had asked to make a very special batch of cookies. cake ball stuffed chocolate chip cookies. how amazing is that for a pregnant girl?! the cake ball inside would be either pink or blue. i came across these amazing cookies here.
as i started planning the party menu, it kind of turned into my cravings menu...
fried pickles
homemade soft pretzels with jalapeƱo cheese sauce
sweet potato fries
fruit salad
spinach salad with gram's homemade dressing
southern style macaroni & cheese
orange creme pop

my sister made the fried pickles and soft pretzels. i'm pretty sure i've had dreams about those soft pretzels. totally amazing. commander, please make them again. tomorrow?
we tallied up the votes and it was pretty much split. j & i were both thinking girl, though we were not confident like we were with fabienne. fabs wore a blue dress to the party, so i guess she was thinking boy.

my little sister skyped in from santa barbara, which was amazing. i love this picture she captured...

aahhh! i can't believe the cake ball was blue?!  i am going to have a little boy! i feel like i am still trying to wrap my mind around that. we are so excited for this little guy to join our family. he's gonna have an amazing big sister.


  1. Yes, amazing she is! Having her, he is going to be such a compassionate, loving boy. Exactly how I want my son to turn out. Welcome to the world of basketballs, cars, and extra strong hugs. They rock!

  2. hehe YAY!! one of each!!! how sweet :)

  3. i am soo excited to have a little neph!! mmm....those cookies - they were so good.

    one of the best party menus ever!! and even though i was saying how horrible it was making those pretzels - i've been thinking about making them again because they were so good. fried pickles & soft pretzels tonight? {cause i really should be eating...}

  4. Yay for your little boy!!

    Love the gender reveal idea, so cute. And this preggo is definitely jealous of you having a sister who can make you soft pretzels that look so absolutely delicious!

  5. congrats! please share that mac and cheese recipe- it looks amazing!!!


  6. oh yum. can i jump into this post and start eating? hehehe. food looks great. let's plan a cousin party soon. rach is coming up in february...

    congrats on a little man on the way. so very exciting!!!

    love the gender reveal!

  7. First of all, CONGRATS. What wonderful news :)

    Secondly, YUM. YUM. YUM. I am salivating and I'm not pregnant. I'd love that mac and cheese recipe!

  8. Congratulations on having a boy! Love how you found out, what fun!

    And yay for Santa Barbara, my hometown! :)

  9. congrats on your little boy!!! They are so much fun! And seriously, that cake ball cookie looks so yummy! I want one so bad now!! And those fried pickles!!