Monday, January 23, 2012


i am pregnant. i am hormonal. i am exhausted. this guy loves me anyways and i am entirely grateful.

we are getting our house ready to sell. somebody please tell me how 2 people can collect so much STUFF in 6 years?!? this morning i am working on cleaning out christmas tree cakes from the cupboard...

i realized this tiny tot could sport pigtails and i could not be more excited! i giggled every time i looked at her yesterday. it's fantastic.

i am dreaming about this house.


  1. Oh man, I cannot imagine packing all our stuff to move. Even though I know I clean out closets pretty often, I have a feeling I would be wayyy overwhelmed to pack it all!

    I feel like I recognize that house... any chance I would pass it on my way to work?!

  2. Wish I were there to help you Mar!!! Baby girl looks like she was ready for that hike with dad, smile and all and I just love those little pigtails, she sports them well doesn't she!!!! Oh Yea, I love the house!!!!

  3. i need to see that tiny lady with her sweet new hairstyle!
    and that house!!

  4. holy cow. did you guys buy that house?! it is gorgeous!!

  5. ou - christmas tree cakes...i didn't even eat one this season. :( guess i should help you clean out your cupboard.
    eeps - the pigtails!!!

  6. that house looks amazing, congrats!! and love, love the pigtails!!