Monday, January 2, 2012

..week 17..

sweet baby...
i can't believe i'm already 17 weeks. this pregnancy seems to be flying by. thankfully i was not nearly as sick this time around, which was a huge blessing with a busy little girl to take care of. i had nausea every day of my first trimester, but not nearly as severe as last time. also, my heightened sense of smell was not as extreme, i even let your daddy make coffee in the house. ;) unfortunately i still do not enjoy drinking coffee this pregnancy. i sure miss coffee. we had an ultrasound at 10 weeks and it was amazing to see you moving so much even though you were just an inch long! i have felt you moving for a couple weeks now and look forward to when you're big enough that your daddy can feel you move.

photos by baby daddy.
amazing vintage dress from cait.


  1. You are too cute with your posts, and especially love this one. I keep thinking that your babies are going to have such amazing photo mementos when they grow up. that's amazing.

    Maria @ A Blooming Spirit

  2. um, is there even a belly there? can't see it. i think yesterday was the first time you looked preggers.
    love your dress!!

  3. You're a beautiful mother and mother to be again. Fabs is going to be a great big seester!!! Love your frock!!

  4. so cute!
    and semi-sad that this fits me not pregnant. hahaha.

  5. I love the belly posts - so sweet and so exciting to see how baby #2 will grow.