Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what a year...2011.

one of my favorite things about blogging is the ability to look back. i've never done a good job journaling and i love that this blog holds so many wonderful memories and pictures. hopefully in 2012 i'll take time to preserve even more memories...looking back i see many months were rather sparse.
i finally got around to posting our christmas picture

i didn't take many pictures or post much because i was too busy holding this tiny bundle

i saw from the beginning that our baby girl was crazy about her daddy...just like me...

we had a lovely valentines dinner at home.

i shared what a visit to the cardiologist looks like for us.

i shared some of my worries and thoughts with her upcoming heart surgery.

we truly celebrated 03.21

shared a favorite grilled sandwich...

my ladycakes rolled over!

faba celebrates her first easter. with shiny black mary janes and the most perfect easter bonnet...

i celebrated my first mother's day.

fabienne has pre-op and surgery

more. surgery. updates.

quite possibly the best picture ever...

our first family camping trip.

a favorite breakfast.

our cloth diaper experience so far.

first father's day.

baby girl rocks her headphones at daddy's concerts.

a lovely outdoors party for one of my favorite people.

my little firecracker.

a family tragedy.

road trip of a lifetime! j and i went through these pics recently, i must share more. we traveled through 6 states, drove over 2,300 miles, visited 5 national parks in 8 days.

fall. fashion. week.
jackson hole, wyoming.
marble canyon, arizona.
bergen, new york. :)

family photo shoot at my cousin's wedding.

shared my birth story. i promise part II is sitting in my drafts, almost done...perhaps my goal for 2012 should be to finish what i start?!

my baby turned one 10.21.11! ahh. shared photos from a lovely fall party.

all the amazing desserts and cakes made by my super amazing seester.
a little announcement...

a christmas tree hunt with a little bear.

a favorite drink...nutella hot chocolate.

what a year. j and i have said that so many times about 2011. anticipation. fear. growth. tragedy. hope. death. celebration. adventure. new life. ...if there's one thing i learned this past year, it's this: there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. God's love never fails. He makes all things work together for my good. [your love never fails, jesus culture]

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. 1 John 4:16


  1. i am still just as in love with your gorgeous little Fabs as i was the day i found your blog!! thanks for sharing your recap of 2011....i can't get enough of your pictures and adventures! i hope 2012 is filled with nothing but HEALTH and love and happiness for all FOUR of you :)

  2. That tent. I need to know more. Pretty please.

  3. i can't believe how different fabs looks!! she is so big now!
    i think the fourth of july is one of my fav pictures ever!!

  4. Our son was born 1 year (+2 days) later than your cute little daughter. He also carries an extra chromosome 21. I love your pictures they are beautiful ! for our boy still a heart surgery to come up.. but your pictures make me to have less fear for it. Also the black and white picture at the cardiologist.. very recognizable, nice pic. Suzanne