Monday, February 27, 2012


not sure what it is [pregnancy hormones?], but i've been in a bit of a funk lately. everything just feels so overwhelming. it's been hard for me to leave the house. i even convinced j to get groceries for me yesterday. i'm pretty sure what i need is to go somewhere warm and lay in the sun... but i do have lots to smile about...much to give thanks for...

this man. my man. he's hardworking. he's talented.
he's creative. he's passionate. he's mine. i love him like mad.

this little girl. i could eat her up.

our first fire in our new house! i know, i know, i need to post pics. ...see above about the whole been in a funk. we are currently the proud owners of 2 [two] homes. this is rather stressful to me and has been stealing some of the joy of our new little homestead. i'm praying that our house sells quickly so we can move on! [we will stay in our current home until it sells, which also gives us time to refinsh floors, paint, etc.]
also from around blogland...
this lovely picture. the tones. the braid. just love.
this sweet little camera. it could be yours. click to find out how to enter the giveaway!


  1. The good thing is that myself and the tiny one love you funky or not! ;) You're a good partner.

  2. i don't know if it's the cold weather or what, but i've got a post sitting in my queue with a little 'funk' in the title too. counting my blessings is one of the best remedies i've found as well. (:

    i already love your new house and can't wait to hang out by a fire! and i know you have a wonderful fam and friends, but if you're ever looking for someone to talk life with, i'd be up for taking the job. um, or to head to someplace warm and sunny with too! (:

  3. so many exciting [and maybe a little scary!] things on the horizon for you guys marla!! no wonder you just want to snuggle down at home until everything is just a little bit calmer! when i feel that way, often matthew 6:25-26 comes to mind and i find peace. xo

  4. I am right there with you with the funk. John just actually declared he thinks I am having a boy due to the baby blues I have this time around.

  5. funky, funky...

    first - listen to this song. that will help:

    second - let's plan our girls get away! that is for sure what you need. where we going?

    third - you probably need me to make you a yummy snack. what do you want?

    xo. i also love you funky or not.

  6. i think it's "funk" time of year or something.
    summer needs to come quick.

    also... i can't wait to see the new place!