Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.. my loves ..

our christmas 2011 picture i came across the other day...
my crazy little valentine...

our valentine dinner at home...i always choose to stay in...
homemade pizza. good cheese. sparkling grape juice. fresh bread. so yum.

she wears her heart on her bottom.

.. chocolate covered strawberries & chocolate covered pretzels for dessert..
.. [w/ bacon for my man. made by a vegetarian...that's true love.] ..

.. it was a lovely day full of sweets & surprises! ..
.. my man knows me so well. i love him to pieces ..
.. my seester made a heart pizza also & we didn't even talk about it. te hee! ..
.. best sugar cookies. ever. ever. ever ..


  1. i LOVE that family christmas photo...don't think i've ever seen just wearing that before. and faba's little hat is so cute!
    that pic of fabs with her dress over her head is too much!!
    i'm still bummed that i forgot sparkling grape juice!
    so impressed with your chocolate covered desserts...especially the bacon pretzels. did justin like them?
    we share the same brain...

  2. "she wears her heart on her bottom"- love it! :)

  3. such a cute family christmas picture!!
    and a sweet little flashing valentine you've got there.

  4. Your photos are amazing and your little girl is so beautiful!

  5. Oh, my. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. What a little beauty! :) And she seems to have such a sweet personality. Little love. Just prayed for her. Hope she's well again very, very soon!