Thursday, March 29, 2012

..week 29..

sweet baby boy...
you are a busy little guy, constantly tumbling and kicking! i look forward to when you are squirming in my arms. i am in my third trimester now and definitely feeling more exhausted these days. it's also getting trickier finding clothes to cover this growing belly. i'm glad you are growing big and strong, we are so looking forward to meeting you little mister!

photos by baby daddy.

Monday, March 19, 2012


my heart is full of thanks today...
an amazing hospital close by...and that we have left that hospital.

sleeping in our own beds!!!

a walk in the woods with my loves, listening to the peepers.

mimi & pop. what would i do without my parents?!? 
they have been lifesavers these past couple weeks. so blessed.

this weather?!  70's. in march. in western ny. looooove.

a sleeping baby on my chest.  good for the soul.

giving medicine at home.

an ice cream date.
taking advantage of walking to the ice cream parlor while we can!

can you tell we are happy to be home??  i got sick in the hospital and when we got home it turned into a bad sinus infection, so i have been feeling horrible this past week. waking up feeling like i got hit by a bus every day.  however, it seems the worst is behind me and i am looking forward to spring and health!  right, let's all be healthy...shall we?  [that means you mcgrath's!] i missed st. patty's day. missed aj's cornbeef & cabbage dinner [i only eat the cabbage anyways...but i really like the cabbage.] perhaps there's still time to get a shamrock shake. although, i should probably start with grocery shopping. my cupboards are rather bare. i can only suggest rice & beans and pb&j so many times...

** where in the world do these    come from in the new blogger?!  making random and annoying spaces.  get out of my life   !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

..week 27..

sweet baby boy...
ah, a crazy couple of weeks it has been. i was sick with a cold then your sister got very sick with bronchiolitis. then i got sick again with a bad sinus infection. thankfully your daddy has been healthy and he takes good care of us. i don't know what i'd do without him. i hope you grow up to be as sweet and thoughtful as your daddy... you have an an amazing role model, that's for sure. you have been tumbling around quite a bit and getting the hiccups often.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

..week 24..

sweet baby boy...
this has been a very mild winter and we have enjoyed getting out for walks, although we did miss snowshoeing this winter... i am occasionally getting nosebleeds, but it is not nearly as often as it was with your sister. it is starting to get a bit more uncomfortable to walk and do other things, but so far this pregnancy has flown by. your daddy and i talked about how wonderful it will be to have a little brother for fabienne. she is going to love you to pieces and we are so excited for you to have each other, i bet she will be the best big sister ever.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

ten on ten: march.

confession: i debated doing ten on ten this month because i don't want to be here. but that's the thing i really love about this project. it's about capturing the beauty around you. and as much as i don't want to be here. beauty can be found. glimpses of sunshine out my window. a half smile from my little lady. the snacks dropped off from loving friends & family. in the extra caring doctor and nurse that are on shift needed after a rough couple days.
my sweet, sweet ladycakes.

baby bump and tootsie toes.

noseFrida. i pretty much love this thing. have a baby? buy this.

nebs. every three hours.

her cage. er, crib.

right now she's on three. we want zero. then we go home.

a little present wrapped up so sweet. thanks cait!

some evening visitors...who brought dinner & sweet rolls for momma & daddy!

a little snack waiting for me by the bedside, you're the best v!

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::this week::

:: my baby girl is just not herself and it breaks my heart. this week has been a roller coaster. yesterday morning was probably the worst since we've been here monday. fabs continues to have trouble keeping her oxygen level up. they have tried upping her albuterol and adding steroids and this just seems to make her irritable and inconsolable, so unlike my sweet smiley girl. i broke down yesterday morning...because when a mama can't console her baby, it's pretty much the most helpless feeling in the world. thankfully, we had a much better evening and even got some talking and smiles from her.
:: my sleepy lovies...
:: the best thing on the hospital menu. kinda wish i didn't know that... but glad i discovered it.
:: the lovely guest room i have been staying in at victoria's house. such a lifesaver. getting a good nights sleep has been amazing. so thankful for my sweet cousin sharing her space in the midst of her busy schedule. and, how amazing is that rug...i may try to snatch it one of these nights. also so thankful for a sweet mister who stays at the hospital each night with [at least] hourly interruptions so i can get a good sleep.

life rearranged

Thursday, March 8, 2012

here we are again.

the monitor alarms and my head instinctively jerks up. it turns out to be the nurses alert for another room, but my heart drops each time it goes off [doesn't it seem like they would make a different alarm for our monitor & the nurses alert?! baaah!] it is all too familiar.
the smells.
the sounds.
the sticky blue vinyl couch.
but here we are again...

my little ladycakes had a cold for a few days. nothing alarming...a little cough, a runny nose. she started crying in the middle of dinner monday evening and things went downhill quickly from there. i couldn't put her down without her losing it. she clung to my shoulder like a baby koala. i took her temp and it was 99.5. thankfully my mom had called and stopped by on her way home from work. God is good how He provides in the details like that. i took baby girl in the kitchen to give her her thyroid medicine and she started coughing and proceeded to throw up her dinner. i decided i'd get her ready for bed and give her tylenol. i took her upstairs and put her down to change her diaper and she lost it. as i tried to console her, i noticed that her lips were turning blue and my chest tightened. i ran downstairs and told my mom that we needed to go to the ER. when they checked her in at the ER her temp was 102.2 and she was extremely lethargic. they evaluated her and called Strong Hospital almost immediately. the transport team arrived about 9pm and we were whisked away in the ambulance. this week has been a blur. my mister should be soaking up sun in Guatemala, but he's sitting here by my side. my heart hurts for his missed opportunity, but we're sure glad to have him here...

baby girl had a rough night so she got a new tent. she has bronchiolitis and has had trouble keeping her oxygen up. after a rough start to the day, this afternoon has been much quieter.
the nights are long here.
we long for rest and quiet and home.
but in the meantime i'm entirely grateful for good care.
and that we're all here together.

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Friday, March 2, 2012

good day to shop...

zulily has some great bargains today...
i love me some RuffleButts! my ladycakes wears a rufflebutt just about every sunday. they are totally adorable under dresses. they are 40% off on zulily today.
they also have totally adorable swim diapers for 6.99.
i may need to snatch one for baby girl...
they have a good deal on cloth diaper friendly grandma el's products...
they also have melissa & doug and some sweet little shoes.
i purchased these sweet little mary janes on zulily last year...
invitation for a zulily account here!