Saturday, March 10, 2012

::this week::

:: my baby girl is just not herself and it breaks my heart. this week has been a roller coaster. yesterday morning was probably the worst since we've been here monday. fabs continues to have trouble keeping her oxygen level up. they have tried upping her albuterol and adding steroids and this just seems to make her irritable and inconsolable, so unlike my sweet smiley girl. i broke down yesterday morning...because when a mama can't console her baby, it's pretty much the most helpless feeling in the world. thankfully, we had a much better evening and even got some talking and smiles from her.
:: my sleepy lovies...
:: the best thing on the hospital menu. kinda wish i didn't know that... but glad i discovered it.
:: the lovely guest room i have been staying in at victoria's house. such a lifesaver. getting a good nights sleep has been amazing. so thankful for my sweet cousin sharing her space in the midst of her busy schedule. and, how amazing is that rug...i may try to snatch it one of these nights. also so thankful for a sweet mister who stays at the hospital each night with [at least] hourly interruptions so i can get a good sleep.

life rearranged


  1. i'm so sorry sweet girl is still feeling bad:( lots of prayers your way!

  2. oh marsie - sorry this has been such a rough week. please heal fabienne quickly dear jesus, so that they can come home.

    i like your sleepy lovies. and how cute is victoria's guest room! it's so picture-perfect!

  3. glad you're able to get a good night's sleep at our house. hope we'll see you again tonight :o) prayers of healing for "bobby hen" (as colden called her earlier today).

  4. Oh, your poor little darlin', so beautiful even looking so unwell. Victoria's guest room looks like a lovely haven to seek some peace in :-)