Monday, March 19, 2012


my heart is full of thanks today...
an amazing hospital close by...and that we have left that hospital.

sleeping in our own beds!!!

a walk in the woods with my loves, listening to the peepers.

mimi & pop. what would i do without my parents?!? 
they have been lifesavers these past couple weeks. so blessed.

this weather?!  70's. in march. in western ny. looooove.

a sleeping baby on my chest.  good for the soul.

giving medicine at home.

an ice cream date.
taking advantage of walking to the ice cream parlor while we can!

can you tell we are happy to be home??  i got sick in the hospital and when we got home it turned into a bad sinus infection, so i have been feeling horrible this past week. waking up feeling like i got hit by a bus every day.  however, it seems the worst is behind me and i am looking forward to spring and health!  right, let's all be healthy...shall we?  [that means you mcgrath's!] i missed st. patty's day. missed aj's cornbeef & cabbage dinner [i only eat the cabbage anyways...but i really like the cabbage.] perhaps there's still time to get a shamrock shake. although, i should probably start with grocery shopping. my cupboards are rather bare. i can only suggest rice & beans and pb&j so many times...

** where in the world do these    come from in the new blogger?!  making random and annoying spaces.  get out of my life   !


  1. love the pictures. and the bumper on your crib! beautiful. where'd you get it?

    oh blogger. so full of annoying quirks.

    1. it's from land of nod, but i actually found it on ebay. nice that she sticks her foot out ON TOP of the bumper, huh? 'thanks for the footrest mom...'

  2. love the little leg sticking through the crib. and those smiles!! yes, we all need to get! i can't handle this any longer. i'm also bummed about the corned beef & cabbage. i think we should reschedule our annual trip to olivers for green milkshakes {looks like someone went without us...} - if we can ever get healthy! perhaps aj should make us dinner again too...

  3. so glad you guys are all doing a bit better! and... slightly jealous about your trip to oliver's. andy and i need to do that soon!