Sunday, March 11, 2012

..week 24..

sweet baby boy...
this has been a very mild winter and we have enjoyed getting out for walks, although we did miss snowshoeing this winter... i am occasionally getting nosebleeds, but it is not nearly as often as it was with your sister. it is starting to get a bit more uncomfortable to walk and do other things, but so far this pregnancy has flown by. your daddy and i talked about how wonderful it will be to have a little brother for fabienne. she is going to love you to pieces and we are so excited for you to have each other, i bet she will be the best big sister ever.


  1. even in your sweats you're beautiful! we can't wait for little baby boy to get here! and if fabs is anything like her mama, she will be the best big seester ever.

  2. Try using a humidifier at night by your bed to help with the nosebleeds. You are beautiful... your husband really knows how to capture you so well! Enjoy this time. :)

  3. In Ohio, we actually didn't get much of a winter this year. Hardly any snow and I've missed it! I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Very lovely! Purple is a good color on you! :)